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APRIL 26th
Wayco Cabanyal Rooftop 6-9pm

Join us for the first ever INOCON Welcome Reception & Industry Networking event, held on Wayco's beautiful rooftop in the trendy Cabanyal neighborhood of Valencia. It will be an ideal setting to mix and mingle with conference attendees, creative entrepreneurs, sponsors, and leaders in the music industry--all while enjoying some live music and a beautiful warm evening. Light appetizers will be included, and the bar will be available for additional service. Sponsored by Memento, Groover, and Disrupción Records.

APRIL 27th
Museu de les Cienciès 

11am - 11.50am

Panel · Find your Flow:

Producing Innovative Shows in 2024


Leaders and artists around the world all concur, the psychological flow state is real: it is where your challenge and skill match perfectly and everything else falls away. Hear firsthand from these creative visionaries how they dream up the most innovative shows in music, theater, and film.

Featured Speakers: Magdalini Giannikou, Freddy Mas Franqueza and Nacho Marco

Moderated by: Colin Shea

11:50am - 12:30pm

Panel · Startup Pitches

The vast majority of startups fail because there's no market need--in other words, they're solving a problem that doesn't exist! In this session, real founders will pitch their companies. You will have a unique chance to step into the shoes of an investor and define what a successful business looks like.

Featured Speakers: Piedy Pérez-Mínguez Pi, Gavin Reid, Matthew Hoag

Moderated by: Eric Reithler Barros

12.30pm - 12:45pm

Coffee Break · Sala Alquerías 

12.45pm - 12.55pm

Live Performance Showcase · CZUCHWICKI 

Electronic music producer CZUCHWICKI will perform a song from his innovative
Phosphenes Audiovisual live show. Afterwards, CZUCHWICKI will hold an audience Q&A to give valuable insight into his approach to programming audiovisual live performances and overcoming common AV challenges.

12.55 pm - 1.45pm

Panel · Tuning into Inclusion: Bridging Gaps in the Music Industry

To first understand how to tackle the problems of unequal representation between men and women and other gender minorities in the music industry we need to ask what does inclusion really mean? How can people in power take the steps to ensure that they are maximizing their impact to bridge these gaps in their companies, studios, music communities and institutions? Join us for a riveting panel that will dive into an open discussion on both the barriers and the possibilities to shape the future direction of music.

Featured Speakers: Ángela Cortés, Kaya Nicole, Pablo Munguia, Lisa Murray

Moderated by: Mallika Guhan

1.45pm - 2.30pm

Panel · Managing Your Flow, Real World Perspectives


Flow, like mindfulness, is one of the many tools available to high-performers; but how does it work, practically speaking? Hear from one of the industry's most prominent artist managers, Sophie Ash, and her 5-time Grammy nominated artist-producer duo Mike & Keys, about how they manage their flow.

Featured Speakers: Sophie Ash, Mike & Keys

Moderated by: Clara Barbara

2.30pm - 4pm

Lunch · On Your Own

4pm - 5pm

Workshop · Exploring Timbre: The Life of a Sound Designer

This workshop offers an immersive exploration of the crucial role timbre plays within musical genres. Through active listening and practical exercises, participants will learn to discern and manipulate timbral characteristics to craft sounds that resonate with specific genres. You will also learn about developing a career as a sound designer!

Featured Speaker: Michele Darling

Moderated by: Alonso Arancibia 

5pm - 5.45pm

Panel · BizTech for Everyone: Minimum Viable Knowledge

Not everyone needs to code like a pro; but when it comes to tech, you should try to know a little about a lot! This panel will touch on buzzwords like AI and web3 and also fundamental building blocks like cloud computing and agile/scrum methodology. These concepts will make you a more fluent professional, no matter if you're working at a record label or for yourself.

Featured Speaker: Alica Molito, Yash, Jacob Lapidus

Moderated by: Alisha Kulakowski

5.45pm - 6pm

Coffee Break · Sala Aquerías

6pm - 6.30pm

1:1 · Entrevista: Fundadora de Fander


Comenzar un negocio es difícil, pero comenzar una empresa en la industria musical es aún más difícil! Escucha a esta talentosa joven empresaria en una entrevista sin filtros sobre su trayectoria y su empresa. Fundar un negocio es similar a ser un artista en muchos aspectos: tienes que mantenerte firme ante la adversidad, pivotar cuando sea necesario y creer en ti mismo y en tu arte.

Featured Speakers: Piedy Pérez-Mínguez Pi

Moderated by: Stefi Bressi

6.30pm - 7.30pm

Panel · The World Beyond (Western) Music


The music business has huge pockets of opportunity across the globe; similarly, in comparison to entertainment segments like video games or sports, there's room to grow. How much of the knowledge and skills from music can be transferred and extended? Hear from a panel of music-adjacent experts who help creators monetize their work and break down traditional industry barriers.

Featured Speakers: Benson Zhang, Dana Fakhoury, Karl Fowlkes

Moderated by: Grace Puluczek

7.30pm - 9pm

Dinner · On Your Own

APRIL 27th
Palau de Les Arts - Aula Magistral


Join us after the conference for the grand finale. Emerging artists from Berklee will showcase their wide range of talents.

APRIL 28th
Berklee Campus + Virtual

1pm - 3pm

1:1s · Is Your Track Ready for Release?


Are you eager to unleash your track onto the world's streaming platforms but feel it's missing that final polish? Sign up for 1:1 feedback slots led by renowned producer and singer-songwriter Lisa Murray, and receive personalized guidance to ensure your music is truly ready for the spotlight!

Registration and more info in this form!

Featured Speakers: Lisa Murray

Moderated by: She Knows Tech Valencia

3pm - 3.45pm

Panel · A Greener Music Industry: Exploring Different Initiatives

We are beginning to see some positive change as businesses and artists alike adopt more eco-friendly practices and launch sustainability efforts in hopes of creating a greener future. This panel will explore some of the latest environmental initiatives in the music industry, including green events and touring, incentivized waste collection, strategic partnerships at festivals and more. 

Featured Speaker: Ben Street, Zoe Berman

Moderated by: Luis Guinea

3.45pm - 4.15pm

Presentation · Chartmetric 2023 Review and Analysis

Chartmetric will share their inaugural Year in Music report with the stats and sounds of music in 2023. In this report, they tackle key areas within the music industry — with a focus on artist development — and provide an overview of the social and streaming ecosystem.

Featured Speaker: Domenico Randazzo

Moderated by: Kartik Kumar & Kristen Zhang

4.15pm - 4.45pm

Presentation · Growing Your Audience with Music Streaming Tools


Mike Warner (Author and Music Executive formerly Believe and Chartmetric) will run through a number of DSP provided tools for artists. These tools allow artists to grow their following, reach more listeners and increase their opportunities on streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, TIDAL, Pandora and more!

Featured Speakers: Mike Warner

Moderated by: Kartik Kumar & Kristen Zhang

4.45pm - 5pm

Break ·

5pm - 5:45pm

Breakout Rooms · Mentorship Sessions with Berklee Valencia International Career Center Alumni Ambassadors

In this 30-45 minute slot, students will have a 1:1 informational interview with a valued member of Berklee Valencia's Alumni Ambassador community. These professionals come from all programs, and students will have an opportunity to submit their preferences for specific people (selections not guaranteed). Come prepared with questions and your elevator pitch!

Registration and more info in this form!

6pm - 7pm

Panel · INOCON 2024 Keynote: 5 Years of Music Thinking & Entrepreneurship

The INOCON 2024 keynote will be not only a culmination of this year's exciting event: it is also the 5th anniversary celebration of INOCON itself! This panel of leaders will discuss how creative skills can be applied in the context of entrepreneurship and how lessons learned in the startup world can be useful to creators. In the spirit of INOvation (INOCON's guiding principle), the keynote will be streamed on YouTube and in the metaverse OnCyber.

Featured Speakers: Nakisha Bailey, Moody Jones, Justin Bolognino, Henny Kresser

Moderated by: Jonathan Bolton

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