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After four years of INOCON solely being present in the virtual world, INOCON 2023 was in-person. In that spirit, the team aimed to create a community fueled by a passion for music that goes beyond listening to speakers on stage. We believe in the power of collaboration and interaction. That is why in 2023, we presented student run panels so students could share something they feel deeply excited about. In addition, based on the students’ feedback we acquired music professionals to share their stories on topics such as venue management, the future of labels and artists in the metaverse.


INOCON 2023 took place at the CCCC (Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània) in Valencia on April 29th, 2023. The conference featured a mix of panel discussions, masterclasses, showcases and workshops. For the grand finale, students showcased their wide range of talents. Just as diverse and multicultural as our community is, so was this concert: timeless, non-genre specific and overall epic.


INOCONcert 2023 at CCCC

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