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This Year's Schedule

Here is this year's panel schedule for INOCON '22. This year we will focus on the topics of BEING, IMAGINING, and EXPLORING. Below are the panels and details for each one! 

Day 1 - April 7th
Day 1 Panel 1.png

What latest plugins, MIDI controllers, studio headphones, and mics should every producer be aware of in 2022? In this panel, we will talk about the latest software and hardware that are being used and how they are affecting the way artists think about music production. We will dive into how an artist can best develop, create, and refine their recordings when releasing their next big drop. Also, you will get to hear about the latest trends that producers are tapping into and what the future of music production looks like!


Moderated by Rory McFadden, President, Audio Engineering Society (AES) in Berklee Valencia

Featured Speakers: 

AJ Ramirez, Head of Production, Electronic Creatives 

Chrissy Tignor, Curriculum Director, Splice

Nasir AlBashir, Producer/Audio Engineer, Levant Studios


#musicproduction #musictech #musicsoftware #musichardware

As more and more artists search for independence and control over their careers, we observe record labels evolving to play a part in this quest. However, there are still many gaps to be filled. In this panel we will address what these gaps are, tap into potential solutions, and what big tech and startups can do to help. We will also discuss how the reshaping of record labels will affect DSPs, distribution, publishing, and the live sector. 


Moderated by Julianne Wilson, CEO, Disrupción Records 


Featured Speakers:

JJ Connor, Founder, Faceless Management

Jeremy Vaughn, Founder + CEO, Rimark


#artistindependence #musiclabels #recordingindustry

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Day 1 Panel 3.png

Now that K-Pop has dominated the music industry on a global scale, what next big market would you place your money on? In this panel, we will discuss which markets on the rise we should be aware of, and how they are currently making huge strides towards being the next big music hub. More specifically, we will discuss which of these hubs record labels are investing into more, including Latin America, South Africa, or even Bulgaria. We will also converse about the struggles that rising markets face, and strategies companies are executing to address issues around neighboring rights, lack of digitalization, and anglo repertoire prominence. 


Moderated by: Erryn Gracey, Founder, Poetic Beats South Africa 


Featured Speakers: 

Marco Olivera, Symphonic Distribution

Boyan Robert Pinter, Founder, Spike - the Bulgarian Music Showcase

Roochay Shukla, Senior Marketing Manager, Outdustry



#emergingmusic #emergingmarkets #africanmusic #latinmusic #kpop

Want to know how to get in the front of music marketing in 2022? In this conversation, you will have the opportunity to hear about strategies and key takeaways from Doja Cat’s global digital campaign done in the UK for her album, Planet Her! We will address new trends, such as AR, VR, and short form video, as well as highlight the importance of data driven insight and how that affects decisions made by marketing teams. Together, these components will provide inspiration to envision how campaigns and market strategies will look like in the future.


Moderated by: Maria Habbouche, Marketing Manager, INOCON


Featured Speakers:

Seri Kohli, Marketing Manager, Ministry of Sound

Rutger Ansley Rosenborg, Digital Strategy Lead, Chartmetric

Grace Puluczek, CEO & Director, 3Notes

#musicmarketing #dataandmusic #marketingcampaigns #marketingtrends

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Day 1 Panel 5.png

Still puzzled about this metaverse thing? In this discussion, we will clarify what life looks like in the metaverse, in particular for musicians. We will approach all the ever-expanding opportunities this digital world can offer to artists, venues and fans – from new revenue streams to new forms of fan engagement and virtual concerts. We will also explore the issue of property rights in the metaverse, and how this exciting technology can play an important role in diminishing inequalities in society, bringing opportunities to everyone.


Moderated by Michael Go, Candidate in Master of Music in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation

Featured Speakers:

Anne McKinnon, CoFounder & COO, Ristband

#metaverse #musicinthemetaverse #web3 #digitalmusic

What does it mean to live as a digital avatar? What will you do? Who will you be? In this panel, we will discover how and why people are using avatars today, and where else we see these digital portraits of ourselves playing an important role, specifically for artists and musicians. Diving into the music realm, we will talk about A.I. composers and what they mean for the crafting of songs and the personal expression within them. We will find out how avatars can fit artists’ personality, image and identity, and discuss whether they can compromise authenticity and true connection, while also answering the question: are virtual super-stars sustainable?


Moderated by: Brendan Gaffney, Founder, NIKKO Records

Featured Speakers:

SKYGGE, Musician/Band, Music & Artificial Intelligence

Amelia Martyn-Hemphill, Tech Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker, BBC




#digitalavatars #artistidentity #aimusic #virtualartists

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Day 2 - April 8th
Day 2 Panel 1.png

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is a vital part to any successful business and needs to constantly be part of discussions when it comes to innovation in the music industry. However, the highlighted focus of DE&I has rarely been on disability inclusion. In this panel, we will discuss the level of awareness in the music industry surrounding this subject, what attitudinal barriers and stigmas still exist around people with disabilities, as well as how present accessibility is for artists and other professionals. Finally, we will pinpoint what still remains to be solved and what can be done to achieve a more inclusive music industry.


Moderated by Valerie Maybaum, Head of DE&I, Disrupción Records


Featured Speakers: Ryan Butler, Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the Recording Academy

Mandy Harvey, Singer, Songwriter, Author, and Speaker


#musicaccessibility #accessibilityawareness #disabilityinclusion #inclusion

Have you ever wondered what a world solved by music would look like? In this panel, we will converse and analyze the importance of music in wellness– specifically discussing how music has influence on the mind, body and soul. We will also cover how music therapy is being used today to fix both mental and physical health issues, and how the use of music in wellness is evolving, especially with present day innovations in technology such as apps, and different genres and forms of music. Likewise, we will also debate whether the future of music therapy involves going back to ancient roots, such as practicing meditation and reiki. 


Moderated by Chloe Aquino, Partnership Manager, INOCON


Featured Speakers: Neal Sarin, Founder & CEO, Sona

Joy Allen, Acting Director, Music and Health Institute

Dr. Seneca Block, PhD(c), MT-BC, Expressive Therapy Program Manager



#musictherapy #wellness #mentalhealth #physicalhealth

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Day 2 Panel 3.png

One of the most common innovations within music today is the technology being developed to create new sounds, beats and equipment. Through this panel, we will not only explore these new innovations by looking at some of the promising instruments being invented in the present day, but also showcase said instruments and how they are used. We will debate the prevalence of traditional classic instruments and whether these newer forms will catch on, as well as tackle the subject of whether these newer instruments are actually useful or just for show. Additionally, we will question whether these new instruments, especially the ones that may replace traditional instruments, can threaten the careers of musicians, artists, and the likes.

Moderated by Kris Villota, Music Producer, Candidate in Master of Music in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation

Featured Speakers: Kelly Snook, Founder, Kepler Concordia

Adam McHeffey, CMO, Artiphon 


#musicinstruments #instrumentinnovation #musictech

Delving into the crossroads of video gaming and music consumption, we will explore how a soundtrack can enhance the experience of a game and how a game can bring the soundtrack and its composer to the podium. We will venture into games such as Donkey Kong 64 and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate to analyze how design of video games have evolved over time and how music consumption has changed accordingly. Pushing forward, we will highlight how increased consumption in gaming platforms play a role in bringing visibility to artists and composers, namely by increasing curation of this music into video game playlists, and building interest and demand for concerts of video game soundtracks.


Moderated by Tesi Zito, Project Manager, INOCON 

Tarajee Karriem, Technical Manager, INOCON


Featured Speakers: Grant Kirkhope, BAFTA, ASCAP and IFMCA Nominated Composer

Ben Sumner, Managing Director & Founder, Feel For Music


#videogames #musicandgaming #gamingcomposition #gamingsync

Day 2 Panel 4.png
Day 2 Panel 5.png

Imagine a world where artists can continue doing what they love, while also decreasing their carbon footprint. Sounds too unrealistic? Well, in this panel, we will tackle this discussion by analyzing what sectors of the music industry are contributing the most to climate change, as well as converse about what is being done to achieve carbon neutrality by labels, promoters, artists, and more. Additionally, we will debate whether the solutions already discovered are really working, or are also carbon heavy, by touching upon topics such as NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and live streaming. Finally, we will address the challenges that being environmentally friendly pose, and discuss how viable environmental sustainability is for artists’ careers.


Moderated by Joe Cornella, Masters Thesis Focused on Environmental Advocacy through Music


Featured Speakers: Patricia Yagüe, Head of Sustainability EMEA, Live Nation Entertainment

Horst Weidenmüeller, Owner and CEO, !K7 Music


#sustainability #carbonfootprint #musicsustainability #carbonneutrality

With stigmas around technology and how it draws people out of the real world, we see a paradox rising as it is utilized more and more in live shows to foster connections and enhance audience experiences. In this panel, we will find out how tech plays an increasingly vital role in event production, namely within the realms of livestreams, stage production and live design, and audience engagement through interactive apps. Finally, we will discuss how we foresee technology and its usage evolving in live entertainment, as well as how we envision the expansion of live streaming to reach global audiences.


Moderated by Carlee Reilly, International Management Consultant for Jack Van Cleaf

Featured Speakers:

Spenser Hyun, Founder & CEO, LiveSpace

Ana Garcia, CEO, Coquetel Molotov


#live #livemusic #liveentertainment #musictech

Day 2 Panel 6.png